Up The Creek

Grafica creata per il videoGioco “Up the creek” realizzato interamente in 32 ore durante la Global Game Jam 2015. Il gioco è stato sviluppato usando esclusivamente tecnologie Open Source come: Processing, Blender, Krita. http://globalgamejam.org/2015/games/creek Modellazione, texturing e animazione di un bisonte realizzata in 5 ore. Modellazione e texturing dell’environmet in…

Slow to arrive

Illustration for Chili and Seduce’s album cover “Slow to arrive”.

Human Body

Series of renders made as TEC tv’s ebooks illustrations. Different regions of activity in the human brain illustration: Brain, spine and nerves location:   Coronary Bypass illustration:   Comparison of the level of glucose in the blood of a patient with diabetes and a one without:   Comparison of the…

Quindidi Pond·distica

  First prize winner short film on the XIII Short Film European Festival of Reus-Cambrils’s MicroFilms contest in February 2011. Made by Bruno Laurencich y Erik Berlin. For the MicroFilm contest, the participants had to do an entire one minute long short film in less than 32 hours, based on…

The Spherical Way

  Illustration made with fountain pen on paper and digital techniques 2010  

Atomic Glass

Polyester resin glass model   Preliminar Renders:

Rica y apretadita – Kumbia All Starz

Music video by Lúcuma Audiovisual for the Mexican-American band Kumbia All Starz. 2009     Idea, direction and post production: Lúcuma Audiovisual (Matias Giacumbo, Joan M. Josa, Bruno Laurencich, Daniel Rivas) Client: Emi Music.      

Felicidades – Cuentos Borgeanos

Music video by Lúcuma Audiovisual for the argentinean band Cuentos Borgeanos, 2009. 2009   Idea, direction and post production: Lúcuma Audiovisual (Matias Giacumbo, Joan M. Josa, Bruno Laurencich, Daniel Rivas) Client: Emi Music.      

Delay – San de Villa

Music video made with Blender for the band: San de Villa. Director, 3D Post-production: Bruno Laurencich Director of Photography: Nicolò Biarese Technical assistance: Fabrizio Laurenti Special thanks to: Aleksandra Stosic, Kine Settimi, Federica Iraci, Arianna Serra, Elena Manzo, Arianna Fantuzzi (Make Up) Also Thanks to: Giacomo Foti, Associazione Culturale Luna…

Chocolate Simón Coll

Works made at Tigrelab to be projected on big screen during the “Simon Coll Experience”. In the “Simon Coll Experience” space there is a 180°surrounding screen where the works are projected. The projection interacts with real machines used in the chocolate making process. Directed by: Tigrelab Tigrelab team: Javier Pinto…

Spot INNOVAR 2013

Advertising Spot made for TECtv for the IX edition of the national contest for innovations INNOVAR. Producer: Annete Charreau Realization: Bruno Laurencich  


modellazione hi poly di figura humanoide realizada con blender, a partir de un boceto volumetrico de arcilla.


Plasticine head made to replace the original head on one of Barbie’s dolls. 4 cm high Original Idea: Lucuma Audiovisual Unas palabras sobre nuestro amigo: John William Banks (45). Casado desde hace quince años con Carol Ann Stewart (40) ama de casa, servicial y sumisa entrada en kilos desde hace…

Thermodynamic Kaleidoscope

The Thermodynamic Kaleidoscope projects a kaleidoscopic moving image onto a wall or ceiling. Its peculiarity is that it doesn’t use any type of engine to generate the movement of the image, and instead it uses the residual energy of a single element. An incandescent lamp produces light, but also heat,…

Plaza Central Canning

Illustrations for the Shopping Plaza Central Canning project. Graphite on paper 50 x 70 cm 2009  


Interactive video mapping that recreates the game PacMan with 6 interconnected labyrinths in each face of a cube. Players control PacMan and ghosts using wiiMotes commands. The gosths must hunt down PacMan before he finishes eating all the balls. Made with Processing, Wiimotes controlled GlovePIE General realization: Bruno Laurencich Idea:…

Stop Motion doll

Design and realization of Stop Motion doll. Idea: Julián Caparrós 15 cm high   Plasticine head and hands, foam body:   Iron and Bronce ball and socket structure.   Epoxy filler head structure, with substitution register for mouth area.   Structure plans:   Volume draft

La Pedrera

Audiovisual works made at Tigrelab to be projected in Caixas Medical Insurance building in La Pedrera, Barcelona. All these works tell the story of the different things that happened in the modern era in Barcelona in a fun and entertaining way. They were made to backup the interactive workshops made…


Volumetric amplification of a knight Plaster 45 cm high    

777 the anti-antichrist

Dual work with Diógenes Abbruzzese. The work consists in two paintings placed on top of each other in the same canvas. One can be seen with normal light, and the other one only with ultraviolet light. The work has its own illumination system, projecting one kind of light or the…

El triunfo del tennis

The triumph of Tennis Short film made by Cut Out technique in the Cinematographic Arts Institute of Avellaneda (Buenos Aires), 2009. Directors: Francisco Caballero, Bruno Laurencich y Gustavo Rasente.   Characters created by Francisco Caballero: Backgrounds by Bruno Laurencich: Behind the scenes:

Origami Mouse

Illustration that explains the process of making an origami mouse, extracted from Shiho Ishikawa’s book Alphapets. Made for the course Communication techniques, at Massana School, Barcelona.    

The Bobo

This is a tribute to the late Bobo. He was not only a great dog, but the owner of a truly harmonious deformity. When he went to Dog’s Heaven I decided that his particular proportions could not disappear along with him, so I reproduced him in Blender. Despite my efforts,…


Reel Demo including animation, motion graphics and postproduction works. Introduction made by handmade illustration, digitally composed afterwards.

Champagne Barons de Rothschild

Video made at Tigrelab to be used as an introduction to the website champagne Barons de Rothschild.     Art Direction, Direction and Animation: Tigrelab. Animation and Motion at Tigrelab: Erik Berlin, Bruno Laurencich. Client: Barons de Rothschild Agency: Zeugma

Pajaro Rojo

Logo and album cover design for the Argentinean band Pájaro Rojo.

The Catfish

Graphite on paper 60 x 100 cm 2011  

Swing Faucet

Faucet designed, modelled and renderized for Anton Puigdomènech and Rafael Planedas’s course Industrial Modelism Project Workshop at Massana School in Barcelona. The goal was to make the faucet follow Sanico’s company Swing Sink aesthetics.  

Suena total – Azafata

Music video by Lúcuma Audiovisual for the argentinean band Azafata. 2007 Idea, direction and post production: Lúcuma Audiovisual (Matias Giacumbo, Joan M. Josa, Bruno Laurencich, Daniel Rivas) Client: Emi Music.