El bajo ático  (“underneath attic”) is an imaginary place, an in-between space were dogs, lamps, post-glam bands and chess knights live. A multidisciplinary workshop and hideout of an artist and a craftsman.

Bruno Laurencich presents here his work, a result of the merging of traditional techniques and new technologies. His constant aesthetic and technical search is based on various disciplines: illustration, animation, audiovisual post-production, sculpture and 3d modeling, among others.
3 categories have been created to help users navigate this illusory space, where the imaginary can become real. These are image, movement and volume.

El bajo ático can help you discover and develop your idea, project or product. Just get in touch and you’ll shortly receive a proposal with a creative solution.

El bajo ático offers the following services:

-Technical drawing
-Motion graphics
-Post production
-3D modeling
-Artistic and technical volume models
-Development of volume models that require mechanical interaction