The Bobo

This is a tribute to the late Bobo. He was not only a great dog, but the owner of a truly harmonious deformity. When he went to Dog’s Heaven I decided that his particular proportions could not disappear along with him, so I reproduced him in Blender. Despite my efforts,…

Human Body

Series of renders made as TEC tv’s ebooks illustrations. Different regions of activity in the human brain illustration: Brain, spine and nerves location:   Coronary Bypass illustration:   Comparison of the level of glucose in the blood of a patient with diabetes and a one without:   Comparison of the…

Swing Faucet

Faucet designed, modelled and renderized for Anton Puigdomènech and Rafael Planedas’s course Industrial Modelism Project Workshop at Massana School in Barcelona. The goal was to make the faucet follow Sanico’s company Swing Sink aesthetics.  

Origami Mouse

Illustration that explains the process of making an origami mouse, extracted from Shiho Ishikawa’s book Alphapets. Made for the course Communication techniques, at Massana School, Barcelona.