Up The Creek

Grafica creata per il videoGioco “Up the creek” realizzato interamente in 32 ore durante la Global Game Jam 2015. Il gioco è stato sviluppato usando esclusivamente tecnologie Open Source come: Processing, Blender, Krita. http://globalgamejam.org/2015/games/creek Modellazione, texturing e animazione di un bisonte realizzata in 5 ore. Modellazione e texturing dell’environmet in…


modellazione hi poly di figura humanoide realizada con blender, a partir de un boceto volumetrico de arcilla.

Thermodynamic Kaleidoscope

The Thermodynamic Kaleidoscope projects a kaleidoscopic moving image onto a wall or ceiling. Its peculiarity is that it doesn’t use any type of engine to generate the movement of the image, and instead it uses the residual energy of a single element. An incandescent lamp produces light, but also heat,…


Interactive video mapping that recreates the game PacMan with 6 interconnected labyrinths in each face of a cube. Players control PacMan and ghosts using wiiMotes commands. The gosths must hunt down PacMan before he finishes eating all the balls. Made with Processing, Wiimotes controlled GlovePIE General realization: Bruno Laurencich Idea:…


Volumetric amplification of a knight Plaster 45 cm high    

Swing Faucet

Faucet designed, modelled and renderized for Anton Puigdomènech and Rafael Planedas’s course Industrial Modelism Project Workshop at Massana School in Barcelona. The goal was to make the faucet follow Sanico’s company Swing Sink aesthetics.  

Stop Motion doll

Design and realization of Stop Motion doll. Idea: Julián Caparrós 15 cm high   Plasticine head and hands, foam body:   Iron and Bronce ball and socket structure.   Epoxy filler head structure, with substitution register for mouth area.   Structure plans:   Volume draft


Plasticine head made to replace the original head on one of Barbie’s dolls. 4 cm high Original Idea: Lucuma Audiovisual Unas palabras sobre nuestro amigo: John William Banks (45). Casado desde hace quince años con Carol Ann Stewart (40) ama de casa, servicial y sumisa entrada en kilos desde hace…

Human Body

Series of renders made as TEC tv’s ebooks illustrations. Different regions of activity in the human brain illustration: Brain, spine and nerves location:   Coronary Bypass illustration:   Comparison of the level of glucose in the blood of a patient with diabetes and a one without:   Comparison of the…

Atomic Glass

Polyester resin glass model   Preliminar Renders: